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Tips For A Winning Morning Routine

01 Nov 2022

The way we start our day shapes the remainder of it. If you want your day to be a success, start with a proper morning routine! Read this blog post to learn more.

All self-made success stories are unique, but there is one thing that unites them – a winning morning routine! From business magnates to world leaders all understand that the morning is a central axis around which the remainder of the day revolves. If something is off, the day ahead might also go wrong in unexpected ways.

To put it another way – routine is just another word for a habit. As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, habits underpin happier and more organized lives. The more good habits you have established in your daily life and the more bad ones you get rid off, the easier it will be to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Now that we’ve once again established the importance of routines and habits, it’s time to understand what makes a successful morning routine for most successful people and how you can have a proper start to your winning day!

Have A Consistent Morning Routine

While this may seem like a no-brainer, it cannot be stressed enough. Morning habits differ person to person, but the universal truth is that you should have and stick to a particular morning routine.

You’ll see a bunch of tips in this blog post, but no matter what you pick as the actions to your best morning, remember to stay consistent in their practice/application. I do not believe that there is a perfect time to wake up or a particular order of doing things in the morning.

What I do believe is order over chaos. An orderly and consistent morning routine lets your body and brain adapt to a certain way of doing things, allowing them to start off on the right foot. Conversely, an inconsistent and chaotic morning won’t have any short, medium, or long term benefits.

Good Night's Sleep - The Key To A Successful Morning Routine

Few think about this, but good mornings are made or broken the previous night. You will only function as well as your night’s sleep went. If it is rotten, then you can be pretty sure that the morning will already start off on the wrong foot.

So do everything that is necessary to ensure that your sleep is deep and uninterrupted. Avoid staring into screens or overstimulating your brain before bed to ensure that sleep comes fast and is not superficial. If you struggle with sleep for whatever reason, seeking out medical help is also a good idea. 

Wake Up Early(ish)

Yes, routine comes above all other things, but I got bad news for night owls. From what I’ve seen, most high achievers do tend to get up on the early side. Sure there are people who manage to succeed with other schedules, but those usually tend to be the artistic types. 

The reason is fairly simple and not discriminating to artists. In most careers, education systems, and broader economic sectors daily routines revolve around the nine-to-five. Since these hours predominate in most lives, they are also the time-frame around which most productive and successful people measure themselves against.

Furthermore, most time after the end of the workday until sleep is spent commuting, eating, and interacting with others (friends, family etc.). In other words, there are just too many other obligations, leisurely activities, and potential distractions in the evenings. Why? Well, there are just either too many people around or too much going on.

Conversely, take waking up at 4:30 or 5 am. It may sound crazy, but if you call it a day early enough you can manage to get both enough sleep and enough social interaction. 

Think about it – how much productive or valuable time with loved ones you have after 9 pm? It’s usually just scrolling through your phone and mindlessly letting your life slip away. Instead, why not head to bed, wake up early, and have up to 3 hours of uninterrupted and productive you-time?

Start Off With Some Quick Wins

No one wakes up with the motivation to move mountains. That’s why you have to build up the confidence and mental energy before tackling the really big things. So to get yourself in the zone from the outset, start off with some minor tasks like making your bed, preparing your breakfast for later, or doing any small household chore. 

We’ve written extensively about the magic of small tasks, but the gist of it is that finishing them and crossing them off your to-do list will start the achievement ball rolling. Sure, making your bed may not seem like much, but often at the end of the day you can trace the root of all your success down to that single motivating action.

Do Some Exercise

We all know the saying “healthy body, healthy mind”. Well it’s never truer than in those morning hours. One of the first activities you should do every morning is to get your body moving. Studies affirm that exercise helps your body and brain switch from their night time hibernation mode to full-power mode while also boosting positive attitude and concentration. 

I personally prefer cardio in the mornings, having a brisk walk with my dog outdoors, however any kind of physical activity is good. Just remember three things. First, try to get some fresh air during your exercise. If you don’t feel like exercising outdoors, open a window while you work out. Fresh air does wonders when it comes to signaling to your body that sleep time is over.

Second, your head will probably be as clear as it gets during those exercise moments. Use it productively by thinking about your priorities and tasks or by listening to an audio book or catching up on news.

Finally, getting any kind of exercise is more important than having a long and difficult one. If you are pressed for time, even a 15-30 minute workout will give the same return. In fact, it may be even better not to completely exhaust yourself before the day actually starts.

Make A To-do List

Once your mind is clear, sit down for about 10-15 minutes to contemplate the day ahead. This is the moment when your brain might be at its sharpest so use it to set out a concrete plan for the day ahead. After all, if your morning routine got you off to such a good start, it would be a pity if lack of a plan and structure kept you down later in the day.

Have A Proper Breakfast

Ensure that communication between all levels of management and their subordinates is clear, timely, and constructive. Employees should be aware of business priorities, management expectations, and any changes that affect them and their duties. The more people are in the know, the less stressed they are.

  • Quality always beats quantity. Instead of eating tons of sugary snacks as a cheap and easy source of carbs, focus on smaller, nutritionally more balanced meals that include proteins, veggies, complex carbs, and healthy fats.
  • Prepare your meals in advance. You don't have to spend your most productive moments of the day cooking a complex meal. Use the fairly unproductive and low-brainpower hours of the previous evening to prepare the ingredients thus saving the high quality morning moments for more productive activities.

Spare A Moment For Gratitude and Relationships

As you are about to kick your day into high gear, don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate what you have. Regardless of your family/relationship status, you probably have someone you love and hold dear. Just like a proper morning routine, sharing a moment with them can also provide an immense energy boost.

Give them a hug, say an encouraging word, or simply spend time with them. Maybe give your parents or friends a call. Or play with your pet. We all have someone who makes us happy. It’s a good idea to appreciate them and remind yourself what really matters.

Finally, spare a moment and be grateful for all the good things you have been blessed with. Regularly practicing gratitude will make you healthier, happier, and more productive.

Take On The Most Difficult Task First

Remember that to-do list from before? Well with a great morning routine like outlined before you should be brimming with energy and motivation. Use it to handle the most difficult task on your to-do list. 

While this is true for most days, there are instances when there really is a stinker of a task ahead of us. Usually we postpone it until the very last minute, but that really is not a good strategy if you want to spend the day with a positive outlook.

Instead, tackle the difficult task head on first thing in the morning. That way you’ll have that sense of achievement boost your happiness and sense of accomplishment throughout the day. After all, there will not be a better moment for dealing with your biggest challenge than the morning.

Author: Lote Steina

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Life doesen't have a do-over.
Commit to it! BePrime!